This robotic menace is the big boss of Blackthorn's Factory. He looks like a blackthorn juggernaut, but don't be fooled, he has been upgraded with some seriously dangerous new components and software. Be careful when he is near death: he explodes when he dies, causing area of effect damage.

You can watch a video of him in action here.


Str: 851 - 950

Dex: 100 -125

Int: 61 - 90

Hits: 5000 - 6000

Dmg: 40 - 55


Magic Resist: 100.1 - 115.0

Tactics: 90.1 - 105.0

Wrestling: 90.1 - 105.0

Anatomy: 90.1 - 115.0

Special Abilities:

Bard Immune

Auto Dispel

Poison Immune (deadly)

Stunning Blow

Spews flammable oil (video)

Drains life

Blows up when killed (AOE dmg)


Charger of the Fallen

Assault Mech Statuette

Music Gears (random)

Dawn's Music Box

Treasure Map (level 5)

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