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"Between animal and human medicine, there is no deviding line - nor should there be." - Rudolf Virchow

The veterinary skill is used to heal your pets when standing right next to it and using a bandage. This skill goes hand in hand with Animal Lore increasing the Hitpoints healed.


60 Veterinary and 60 Animal Lore to have a chance to cure a creature's Poison.

80 Veterinary and 80 Animal Lore to have a chance to Resurrect a bonded pet.

Your Dexterity score will help you apply bandages faster.

From my knowledge the speed is:

< 40 Dexterity 5 Seconds

40-99 Dexterity 4 Seconds

100 Dexterity 3 Seconds

Training Edit

This will take ALOT of bandages.

0 - 30: Train at a NPC Stablemaster.

30 - 60: Heal creatures.

You can get two weak pets like Bulls and have them attack each other, and then heal them. You must be in a guild. You can do it in your own house.

If you don't have Animal Lore the only way to train to 100 or higher is by healing. Otherwise you can continue below.

60 - 80: Cure a poisoned creature (need 60 Animal Lore).

80 - 120: Resurrect a friends dead pet but have him not press OK. You need 80 Animal Lore to resurrect a pet. (need 80 Animal Lore)

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