Variety Vendor Edit

The Variety Vendor can be found next to the britain bank.

Variety vendor

He sells a variety of very useful items to the wealthy adventurers amongst us. Simply by double left clicking him a window will pop up.

Items Worth Mentioning: Edit

Pet Bonding Deed: Instantly Bonds your pet to you, making him a lifetime companion, unless you forget to feed it!

Pet Leash: Extremely useful and a longterm better investment then a Shrink Bag. When using a leash on your pet , it will shrink it and place it into your inventory, resetting his happiness state to Wonderfully Happy. Double clicking your shrunk pet will enlargen it making it ready for battle! Note: Shrunk pets are not blessed items! And will go wild when shrunk for too long. To be safe, stable your pets whenever you're finished playing.

Hunter Bod Book: Keeps your Monster Kill Contracts and makes it more convenient while hunting and adding bounties to it.

Resource Box: Stores and organizes all your crafting components. Resource

Power Scroll Book: Stores all your Power Scrolls for convenience. !!!Note: The Book is not blessed at this moment!!!

Potion of Rebirth: Buy these, make sure you always have at least some of them with you! Whenever you have a misadenture far away from town , wandering healers or no other players in sight. Drink one of these, use a recall book, restock and get your equipment and dignity back before your corpse rots away.

T-Map Book: you will be finding a ton of treasure maps, keep them organized with this!

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