The Path Of Virtue

This 3 part, 3 level quest starts at the gypsy camp located south of Minoc in the center tent. Double click the fortune


teller to have your fortune read. Immediately following the reading, the fortune teller will begin the quest by asking you to seek out a meteorite fragment in the Hedge Maze. When you return with the fragment, she will then give you a skull of infusion and ask you to infuse the skull with a number of vanquishing weapons, which will destroy the weapon and infuse the skull with it's power. Once turned in, she will provide you with an empty vial and ask that you collect the souls of 100 evil creatures throughout the land. Complete all three stages and you will be able to choose a stat boosting bracelet.

Note: In order to move forward to the second and third levels of the quest chain, you must hand the fortune teller the next meteorite fragment (mentioned in the last quest gump) and have the bracelet you were given in your backpack, trading it in for even more powerful bracelets upon completing the chain up to two more times.

Skull Of Infusion

Level 1 - 30 Vanquishing Weapons

Level 2 - 40 Vanquishing Weapons

Level 3 - 50 Vanquishing Weapons

Vial Of Evil Souls

Creatures: Daemons, Lich Lords, Ancient Lich, Blood Elementals, Elder Gazors, Balron, and Succubi

Level 1 - 100 evil souls

Level 2 - 200 evil souls

Level 3 - 300 evil souls

Meteorite Fragments

Level 1 - Found in Hedge Maze

Level 2 - Found in Forgotten Pass

Level 3 - Received by defeating Medusa

Stat Bracelets (Blessed)

Level 1 - (+5)

  • Bracelet of Cleverness (Int)
  • Bracelet of Constitution (Str)
  • Bracelet of Nimbleness (Dex)

Level 2 - (+10)

  • Bracelet of Sagacity (Int)
  • Bracelet of Tonicity (Str)
  • Bracelet of Adroitness (Dex)

Level 3 - (+15)

  • Bracelet of Brilliance (Int)
  • Bracelet of Vigor (Str)
  • Bracelet of Deftness (Dex)
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