Forgotten Pass Final

Forgotten Pass Final

The Forgotten Pass is a group dungeon intended for 1-3 players. The creatures within this dungeon are very powerful, especially towards tamed creatures, and may require a group effort to defeat. The entrance to the dungeon is accessed via a special gate deed which can drop randomly in the global loot table. All party members must enter the gate within 1 minute which leads to a special staging area for last minute preparation.

Lore Edit

The Britannian Archaeological Society hadn't had a significant find or achievement in many years. Funding had dried up during Minax's reign to fund her many wars and nearly all intellectual pursuits lost favor, most especially archaeology. "Who has time to dig in the dirt when there's a war on?" was heard regularly when requesting funding for additional research or equipment for excavation.

In fact it wasn't archaeology at all which motivated Sir Geoffrey to fund a new excavation in a remote and unlikely place. But rumor had it that an ancient civilization once thrived there and legend told of a rare metal used to craft their spears and other tools. It was Sir Geoffrey's hope that this rare metal might prove to be stronger than the iron used to craft most conventional arms and armory, and that it could finally give them the edge they needed to fight back against Minax and retake Britannia.

During the excavation however something strange occurred. All of the archaeologists and crew were slaughtered, save for one who barely escaped with his life, but who had been left catatonic from the experience. All he could ever manage to mutter before finally succumbing to his injuries was a single word: 'beast'.

Since then the excavation site has been abandoned, and few have been brave enough to go anywhere near the site. Those who have say they hear strange noises coming from the large hole dug deep into the earth, and no one has dared ventured in and come back alive.

Creatures Included Edit

Acid Spitting Drake

Alpha Raptor

Bulldog Ant


Highland Gorilla



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