The Caverns is a 3 level custom dungeon containing several custom tamable creatures found no where else. The entrance is located at 103° 32' N, 64° 37' E in Felucca. This dungeon may contain custom stealables, locked chests, unidentified corpses or rares.


Lore Edit

During the battle to the prevent the great cataclysm, powerful magic was wielded which shook all of Britannia. Sensing danger, many creatures scurried to find refuge anywhere they could. Whether by instinct or intelligence, some rare creatures sought shelter in a previously unknown system of caverns. Many years later some unsuspecting miners inadvertently discovered the entrance to the caverns. Curious, they ventured in to explore what they had found. Unfortunately all but one of those brave souls perished when encountering such dangerous creatures they were ill-prepared to defeat.

Creatures Included Edit

Blood Steed

Cave Bear

Cave Gaman

Chicken Lizard

Fire Steed

Greater Poison Elemental

Poisonous Dragon


Rune Beetle


Stone Slith

Toxic Slith

Tamable Shadow Wyrm

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