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Your character can learn several skills to influence his or her effectiveness, be it in combat, crafting, or most other activities in UO Phoenix. Each skill has a value between 0 and 100, or up to 120 with powerscrolls. As of 2018 all characters have a total skill cap of 720. You gain a higher skill-level by using the skill or, up to the low 30's, by paying an NPC to teach you. Edit

While you can train up as many skills as you want, there is a Skill Cap of 700: The maximum sum of all your real skill points.

Some skills are modified by a related Statistic ("stat": Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence), which is why the skills menu can show real skill numbers (also refered as base skills) or displayed skill numbers (via the "Show Real" toggle button on the Skills list (ALT+K)). Real skill is the unmodified number, while displayed skill has the stat bonus added (if applicable for that skill).

NPC training is accessed by left clicking the NPC. You can see the skills any NPC will teach, and left clicking the desired skill will give you the price it will cost for the NPC to teach you all they know. The price for training is 10 gp per every 1.0 point of skill gain, so if they tell you the price is 318 gold, they can train you up 31.8 points higher than your current level in that skill. Dropping the said amount of gold on them will cause your skill to rise. NPC's can only teach skills up to the low 30's.

Training a skill through use is the only way to reach 100. There are many nuances to skill training, and while most will gain in the course of normal gameplay, there are all sorts of methods to gain them faster (most of which involve using a macro program such as Razor).

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  • Detecting Hidden
  • Hiding
  • Lockpicking
  • Poisoning
  • Remove Trap
  • Snooping
  • Stealing
  • Stealth

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