The postal service allows players to send messages and even items to other players in the game. The player must be in the user's address book in order to send mail.

Getting Started Edit

Visit the Post Office located south east of West Britain bank. Purchase an Address Book (if you do not have one already), some Sealing Wax and some Blank Scrolls. Add the wax and scrolls to the address book by drag and dropping them into the book.Open the address book and click the jewel next to 'Add Contact', then target the player you wish to add to your address book.

Sending A Message Edit

Open the address book and select the player you wish to send a message to. Write a brief message into the scroll. Don't forget to sign your name or they won't know who it is from! When you are finished, click the button next to 'Message' to seal the message. A white scroll will appear in your backpack. Drag and drop that scroll onto any of the conveniently located post boxes to instantly send the message to the player.

Note: Sending harassing, intimidating, threatening, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate messages to other players may result in jail time or banishment as the Administrator sees fit. Be nice.

Sending A Package Edit

Sending a package works much the same way as sending a letter. The only difference is you will click the attachment button and receive a targeting cursor, prompting you to target the item you wish to send. Once targeted, that item will turn into a package and appear in your back pack. Drag and drop that package onto any of the conveniently located post boxes to instantly send the package to the player.

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