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Peacemaking skill has two different modes, Area Peacemaking and Targeted Peacemaking.

Area Peacemaking Using the peacemaking skill and targeting yourself will interrupt all aggression in the area for a very brief moment.

Targeted Peacemaking Activate the skill via macro or skill button and target a creature. If successful the targeted creature will either remain non-aggressive or stop attacking it's target until a sufficient attack upon it breaks the trance or the bard loses line of sight for more than 10 seconds. Hiding or going invisible will also break the trance faster.

Each time Targeted Peacemaking is attempted, a difficulty check is performed based on the creature's Barding Difficulty versus the attempting character's combined skill in Musicianship and Peacemaking.

Training Edit

Your instruments will wear and tear while using the Peacemaking skill, so make sure you arent using your Blessed starter instrument, keep it for when you're truely in need and danger.

Buy a good amount of instruments.

0 - 30 Train from NPC Bard.

0 - 120 Use the peacemaking skill and target yourself.

The Numbers Edit

The base range of all bard abilities is 8 tiles, with each 15 points of skill in the ability being used increasing this range by one tile.

Barding Difficulty is a value that indicates the skill level that a Bard must have for a 50% chance of success versus the creature in question. If a bard's skill is 25 points below the Barding Difficulty value, the bard has no chance of success. If a bard's skill is 25 points above the Barding Difficulty value, the bard has 100% chance of success and cannot gain any skill points against that creature type.

Barding Success Calculator

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