UO Phoenix has a Party Matching System for the convenience of finding the perfect party for you. 

The Party Matching Stone can be found a few steps SW from the Britain bank, and is right besides the Voting Stones.


How to use the Party Matching System:

Double left click the Matching Stone, and it will open a window showing you all the current parties looking for more adventurers.


If none of the current parties are of your liking you could decide to make your own party, by clicking the large green button in the bottom right corner of the main menu.


A new window will open, where you can pick and choose what type of party you wish to make, and what kind of players you are looking for.


After you're done selecting the options and hit the "Okay" button your party will be listed for everyone to see.

If you wish to make any changes or cancel your party listing, simple hit the red button on the lower right of the main menu page.


Enjoy your adventures!


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