Our custom painting system was developed here first by the talented development team of UO Phoenix. Now you can create a custom piece of artwork of nearly anything in the game! Purchase a paint brush from the variety vendor at West Britain Bank. Paint and canvas are needed to create a piece of artwork, which can either be crafted or purchased an NPC vendor.



Creating A Masterpiece Edit

Once you have the necessary items in your backpack, you are ready to begin painting. Double click the paintbrush to open the painting menu. You will be able to choose from the following options:

Portrait - Portraits can only be of mobiles, such as yourself or another player. If you target yourself as the subject, the portrait will be titled "A self-portrait of <Your Name>". If you target another mobile, it will be a portrait of that person. You may only use the male portrait template for male mobiles, and the female portrait template for females.

Still Lifes - These can be of anyone or anything, with some exceptions. Not all objects within the game can be painted (due to a limitation in the name). If the object cannot be painted, you will receive a message indicating as such.There are 4 still life painting templates to choose from.

Abstracts - These are similar to Still Lifes, they just have a different look about them. When using the template, the title will be "An abstract painting of <Subject>"

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