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"Strum a lute, bang on a drum or rattle a tambourine. Without a bit of skill in Musicianship, you’ll likely send your audience screaming away from, or worse — toward you."

Musicianship is a key factor when attempting Provocation, Discordance or Peacemaking in conjunction with a targets Barding Difficulty In addition to influencing the level of success for the other Bardic skills, it also allows a character to use the Fire Horn Note that Fire horns are rare to find in UOPhoenix. And cost 15 Sulfurous Ash to use.

Still needs more testing, but this Damage Chart seems to be somewhat accurate for the Fire Horn.

Training Edit

Musicianship can be trained either actively playing an instrument, or passively while using other Bardic skills.

0 - 30: Purchase training from an NPC Bard.

30 - 120 Double-click any musical instrument to have a chance at gaining in skill.

Instruments Edit

Instruments can either be bought from Bard, Carpenter or Tinker NPC, but can also be found on monsters or made by players using the Carpentry skill.

Besides regular instruments you can also get your hand on Slayer instruments.

Slayer Instruments if used on the corresponded will give you a 20% higher chance to succeed bardic skills.

Exception Instruments can be made by Carpenters and give a 10% higher chance to succeed bardic skills.

Instruments that can be crafted are: Lap harp, Standing Harp, Drum, Lute, Tambourine (Tassel optional), Bamboo Flute, Satyr Pipe. The different types of instruments dont effect anything except for the look, sound and melody.

Rare Instruments and Artifact Instruments can be found if in random monster loot or by using Forensic Evaluation

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