Kill Contracts Edit

By talking to Joseph the Monster Killer west of the bank of Britain he will provide you with a contract. He will treat each individual character uniquely in this manner, so if you have the maximum of 2 accounts and 5 characters per account, you can get up to 10 contracts in a given time period. The characters need not look like typical monster killers! Joseph will gladly give contracts to blacksmiths or any other character you have, and they can be traded to your monster-killing template characters.

Monster Killer Contract

Once received you can double click the Contract and small menu will pop up showing you which monster and quantity is required to complete it.

I highly recommend to visit the Variety Vendor next to the Britain bank and buy an Hunter Bod Book from him to organize your Contracts and keep them from cluttering your inventory space.

The Hunt Edit

Once done killing your bounty target, you can update your contract.

If using a Book to store the contracts, click on the yellow "Apply" button to turn your pointer into a crosshair. If using the contract itself, click on the red button to get the targeting crosshair. By selecting the proper corpse it will add it towards the count of completion.

Monster Contract Window

Upon completion of the Contract simply hit the red button to drop the Contract back into your inventory, then double click the contract and hit "Reward". A check will be placed into your Bank and you will have a small chance for a Slayer Deed or even Super Slayer Deed, which makes Bounty hunting well worth it!

Contract 3
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