Damage Bonuses: Edit

  • Mages who have poisoning skill will now get a bonus to the strength of their poison and poison field spells. The bonus will scale based on their magery and poisoning skills, as well as their proximity to the target.
  • Mages who have inscription skill will now receive a bonus to damage when casting direct damage spells.

Skill Interactions: Edit

  • My Mage with 115 Magery and GM inscription has a chance to craft spellbooks with a slayer attribute on them. It seems like for every 1000 scrolls or so used, I get 3-5 slayer books. Sometimes they are super slayers (repond, silver, reptile, etc) and sometimes lesser slayers (dragon, troll slaughter, snake slayer, etc). I'm not sure if higher Magery is required or if it can be done with GM, 105, 110 etc. Any clarifications that can be made would be appreciated.
  • Mages will get a reduction in mana consumption based on their inscription, magery, and eval int skill levels. Must have at least 300 points across these three skills to enjoy this benefit. Scales on inscription skill.
  • Players will now have a better chance of focusing when using the skill Meditation.

Other: Edit

  • Reduced the chance to interrupt spell casting while being hit from 100% to 80%
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