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"EAT FLAMING or... possibly frosty DEATH!"

Magery is very useful to have on any character. On UOPhoenix with its light PvP rules some spells are amazing to have whenever it is when your adventuring alone or with a party. Since spells such as Fire Wall, Paralyze Wall and especially Poison Wall do not harm party members or pets you can throw them all over the front line of the battle or right ontop.

Training Edit

With the accelerated skill gain on UOPhoenix it can be trained much faster using less reagents.

Personally i found this the best way to train Magery:

0 - 35: Train at NPC Mage and start with 2th Circle spells.

35 - 54: 4th Circle Spells (Arch protection or Curse for Resisting Spells)

54 - 70: 5th Circle Spells (Put any sort of Reagent on the floor, and cast Poison Field on it)

70 - 84: 6th Circle Spells (Invisibility or Mass Curse for Resisting Spells)

84 - 100: 7th Circle Spells (Mana Vampire on self)

100 - 120: 8th Circle Spells (Earthquake or Resurrection on Ghostly player)

The reason this works best for me, is because whenever you are ready to move on to the next Circle of spells you will have a 40 to 45 procent chance to succeed. The balance between spell difficulty and succeeding the cast will make skill gain optimal!

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