Greetings there Phoenixers, I'm here today to speak with you about my premier talent/ skill in UO, Lumberjacking. Wearing a plaid jacket as we speak, so I can give you the tricks and tips to be a master of the craft in no time. 

Now, first thing you need to know/ remember is that we are Pre-AoS. That is a big deal, because hatchets didn't wear out back then. So let's start there. Get a hatchet, find a tree, make certain your Lumberjacking skill is turned up. 
Double click hatchet, click tree, wait. 
Now when text says you are done, hit F8, which should be a preset macro to chop the tree again. It's default on this client...
Chop until there is no more wood here and pick another tree. 

It really is that simple. Lots of little tricks but nothing too complex. 
Place a box or bag into your bank for easy stacking.
Use hatchet on logs to make lighter boards. Boards work for anything a log will (except deco).
Only one type of wood Pre-AoS, so even if you get other types of logs, they just work like normal ones. 

Alternatively you can engage in combat with an ax. Either method will GM the skill.

Damange bonus in PvM is 20% * Skill Level + (10% if GM)

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