Download the Phoenix Client -

This is a 7.0.20 version client. You CAN you other client versions, but you will get errors and have additional issues that cannot be resolved from the server end.

Download Razor-

Razor is a UO assist program that helps with ip address of server, easing repetitive tasks, skill and resource tracking, even some macros can be recorded.

Make account at the Website-

The account name and password you use for the website/ forums IS the account name and password used in the client to log into the game.

Now, unzip the Phoenix client. No need to install it, just remember where you put it. It will run from any location on your hard drive... but recommended you put it in program files where it would install for neater organization.

Install Razor and open it.

Use the browse button to find the client.exe in the Phoenix client you unzipped earlier.

Enter the Account/ Password you used for the website

Use the Discord Chat if you have any issues and we'll troubleshoot with you.

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