Personal and personalized housing it one of many things that sets UO apart from the host of games that have followed it. It still does it best, and T2A was NOT the best UO had to offer, so Phoenix of course bridges the gap.

First and foremost, you must remember: items not locked down or secured in your house WILL DECAY.

Deeded Homes Edit

UO's full offering of deeded homes available for you to place and decorate.

Custom Homes Edit

Full range of pads for you to customize with all item types available to your client version.

Town Homes Edit

From time to time, and considered upon request, certain static buildings in the world can be rented for a weekly fee.

Magincia Edit

This "city" consists of Player owned homes in an effort to bind the community. Staff assistance may be required to set homes there, and for a limited time Murmurs, Guardian of the Omega Room has offered a 25% rebate on any homes built there! Space is limited so hurry!

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