Use Edit

Hiding is an activated skill that allows a character to become invisible. This invisibility does not wear off unlike the invisibility granted by the Magery spell, however the Detect Hidden skill and the Reveal and Mass Reveal spells will still reveal a hidden character.

The chance to succeed at hiding is equal to the character's hiding skill, with the following exceptions:

  • Hiding within a house that the character owns, is a co-owner of, or a friend to will always succeed (and will provide no skill gain).
  • Hiding within range of anything that is aggressive towards you will fail with the message, "You can't seem to hide right now".
    • This range starts at 58 tiles and goes down by 1 tile every 2.0 skill points until reaching the cap of 18 at 80.0 skill.

Mechanical details were extracted from stock RunUO source code and may differ from UO Phoenix's implementation.

Training Edit

Training from 0.0 to GM can be accomplished by simply using the skill while not inside a player house.

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