Players can now use the forensic evaluation skill on corpses found inside of dungeons and other popular hunting grounds to conduct a murder investigation.

During phase 1 of this roll out, using the skill on a corpse will spawn the murderer, who has a chance to drop a rare, specially hued named item.

*Phase 2 of this roll out will include an NPC which will give players a case to solve in a particular location for extra reward *Not yet implemented

Training Edit

Training can be purchased from NPC Healers up to the low 30s.

This skill is very fast to train. All you need is some animal or monster corpses. You can gain from the same corpse multiple times until it disappears. It takes only a few hours to reach Grandmaster. A good strategy is to teleport to the roof of the crypts in the Britain Graveyard and drop Energy Vortices from there. You can use Forensic Evaluation on any corpse within 8 tiles of you, even if it is on a different level. Now get out there and kill some stuff.

Corpses Edit

Forensics corpses now spawn in dungeons and some other hunting grounds. A corpse can be identified by mousing over it: if it highlights yellow, it is likely a Forensics case. Single clicking the corpse will confirm it: Forensics corpses display "An unidentified corpse".

When the Forensic Evaluation skill is used on 'an unidentified corpse' it does a skill check. If your skill if lower than the corpse's level, you receive a message that tells you your skill is not high enough to identify the murderer.

If you have the required skill, you will spawn the murderer. Based on the corpse's skill requirement, the murderer could be anything from a wraith to a dragon. The difficulty level of enemies found where the corpse spawns will usually give you a good indication of the murderer's difficulty. Generally, the deeper you go into dungeons the harder the corpses get. Also, corpses found in a place like Destard are likely to be of a higher level than those found in, say, Despise.

There are 7 different levels of corpses:

Level 1 - Minimum skill requirement unknown

Level 2 - Minimum skill requirement unknown

Level 3 - Minimum skill requirement unknown

Level 4 - Minimum skill requirement unknown

Level 5 - Minimum skill requirement 100 (Grandmaster)

Level 6 - Minimum skill requirement 105

Level 7 - Minimum skill requirement 110.1
Forensics 3

For every murderer spawned and defeated with this skill, there is a chance that that the monster will drop one of 35 specially hued named items. As corpse levels increase, items get more powerful while drop chances decrease. Drop chances are as follows:

Level 1 - 50%

Level 2 - 40%

Level 3 - 30%

Level 4 - 15%

Level 5 - 8%

Level 6 - 5%

Level 7 - 3%

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