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"The highest form of human intelligence, is to observe yourself without judgement." - Jiddu Krishnamurti


Evaluate Intelligence can be used to see how much Mana an opponent has left. It also affects some Magery Spells damage (Similar to Tactics increasing weapon Skills).

Defensive Properties when coupled with Anatomy.The Evaluate Intelligence and Anatomy skills work together to provide a passive defensive wrestling ability. As it is passive, you do not have a chance to actively hit a player but it does provide a mitigation against incoming melee attacks. This can be used to avoid putting Wrestling on your Template.

Formula: ( Evaluating Intelligence + Anatomy + 20 ) / 2 (!!Defensive properties needs confirmation!!)

Reading mana level

When using the skill and targeting a creature or player, it will give you the percentage of remaining mana the target has. Furthermore, an estimate of their overall intelligence is given.


What Spells are affected by Evaluate Intelligence?

Almost all offensive spells, as well as every spell that has anything to do with resisting spells, meaning every curse type, bless type, paralyze and mana draining spells. Poison and Mind Blast are two examples not effected by Evaluating Intelligence. Paralyze has its duration increased slightly.

Spell Damage Edit

Evaluate Intelligence is most commonly used for it's Magery Spells damage increase. When you cast spells, the potential damage is calculated based on several factors such as the spell, it's circle, your Magery skill level etc.

The damage gets scaled by the level of Evaluate Intelligence. At 0 Eval, the damage is reduced by 70%. At 50 Eval, the damage is reduced by 25%. At around 78 eval it begins to have an actual effect and anything beyond that it provides a bonus up to 20% roughly.

Training Edit


Activate the skill by macro or skill button and target a creature or player.


Casting any spell will have a chance to raise your Evaluating Intelligence.

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