Boats: Edit

  • Boats are now craftable items and can no longer be purchased from NPCs.
    • Shipwrights will now sell boat mallets which are used to create a boat project. Once a boat project is started in the tool it cannot be changed and the materials cannot be recovered. 
  • Boat Sails are craftable by tailors using Sewing Kit.
  • Boards can be acquired from the Carpentry shops or from Lumberjacking trees.
  • Ropes is craftable by tailors using Sewing Kit or can be found as a drop from Kraken.
  • Ingots can be purchased from the Blacksmithing shops or from Mining in caves.
  • Lacquer can be crafted by Alchemists using Mortar and Pestle.
  • Boat Anchors are craftable by Blacksmiths using Smith's Hammer.

Other: Edit

  • Added bonus durability to crafted armor and weapons based on Arms Lore skill level.
  • Runic Crafting has been altered on UO Phoenix
  • St. Patricks Day 2017: Distributed the holiday gift: Lucky Junk Drawer.
    • This item is a container and opens on single click. It can be locked down and secured. It also produces 1 random metal ingot every 3 minutes, up to 100 ingots (5 hrs). It also has a chance to produce no more than 5 chrome ingots (no matter how much time elapses). So rummaging through your lucky junk drawer might just produce the metal you needed! As a reminder, it is against the TOS to macro resources on this server.
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