One of the ways UO Phoenix differs from T2A shards/ era is the inclusion of champs.

Champion Spawns Edit

Champion Spawns were introduced long ago, and after some trial and error they slowly morphed into the system we have now. What they are is a way to summon and do battle with a difficult Champion boss, with corresponding high level rewards for defeating the Champion.

There are a number of different spawns but they all follow the same basic formula: kill a certain number of monsters (a lot) as quickly as you can. There are 4 levels of spawn that increase in difficulty as you progress in the spawn. As the monster difficulty increases, the amount required to kill to progress the spawn decreases.


Level 1 - 256 monsters killed required to move on to level 2

Level 2 - 128 monsters killed

Level 3 - 64 monsters killed

Level 4 - 32 monsters killed required to summon the Champion

There is a gray altar at each champion spawn location. This is how you can monitor your progress in the spawn. The altar will keep track of approximately how many monsters you have killed and which level you are on. Red candles mark which level you are on and your progress towards the next level. There are roughly 4 candles per level. White candles mark progress towards the next red candle. One white candle appears for every 20% of monsters killed towards the next red candle. So with 4 white candles showing (80%), the next step will be another red candle appearing on the altar.

When 16 red candles are on the altar, the Champion can be summoned. It will appear on it's own (sometimes needing to advance the spawn again) or can be summoned from the idol skull in the center of the altar.

Champ Spawn List Edit

Barracoon the Piper, Champion of the Vermin Horde Spawn

Lord Oaks, Champion of the Forest Lord Spawn

Mephitis, Champion of the Arachnid Spawn

Neira the Necromancer, Champion of the Unholy Terror Spawn

Rikktor, Champion of the Cold Blood Spawn

Semidar, Champion of the Abyss Spawn

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