Blackthorn's Factory

Blackthorn's Factory

Blackthorn's Factory is a group dungeon intended for a party of 3-5 players (although as few as 1 may enter). The creatures within this dungeon are very powerful and may require a group effort to defeat. The entrance to the dungeon is accessed via a special gate deed which can drop randomly in the global loot table. All party members must enter the gate within 1 minute which leads to a special staging area for last minute preparation.

Lore Edit

In his pursuit of developing the ultimate army to defeat Minax and regain control of Britannia, Lord Blackthorn created a huge factory to design and develop his machines of war. The factory was fully operational and producing multiple weapons based on the prototypes developed in Blackthorn's Dungeon when word got around that the knight had mysteriously disappeared.

Although the Foreman tried desperately to keep the workers on task and produce the army on schedule, workers began to lose faith that they would ever be paid and eventually revolted. On the day of the revolt, several engineers turned the machines that they had been producing onto autonomous mode, with an order to kill anything they deemed as a threat (virtually anything they saw), and abandoned the factory. The machines were left to roam the corridors and factory floor, endlessly searching out enemies to destroy.

One worker was caught off guard while enjoying his lunch in the breakroom, having not gotten the memo prior to the revolt. Although brave, poor Tom, armed only with a hammer from his tool belt, was no match for the autonomous war machines and died were he stood. This, on his birthday of all days!

Creatures Included Edit

Clockwork Scorpion

Juggernaut Assault Mech

The Foreman

Mechanized Scorpion

Mechanized Spider

Mechanical Steed

Minion Type Z

Overseer Lord


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