Blackthorn's Dungeon is located below Blackthorn's Castle in Britain, with the entrance being a small hole in the floor at 16° 36' N, 13° 34' E in Felucca. This dungeon may contain custom stealables, locked chests, unidentified corpses or rares.

Lore Edit

After having narrowly escaping the treacherous betrayal of Minax, Lord Blackthorn returned to his castle in Britain to recover from his injuries and plot his revenge. He knew that in order to defeat the evil queen and regain control of Britannia, he would need to raise a mighty army. However, with the witch firmly in control of the government and no funds to hire enough warriors to defeat her, Lord Blackthorn was forced to devise other means of assembling his army.

Few knew of the chamber beneath the storage room where Lord Blackthorn sometimes retreated to for research and contemplation. Only staff were informed of the supply and treasure rooms held beneath the castle for safe keeping. And although it was always suspected to exist, only Lord Blackthorn, his trusted guards, and the pitiful souls unfortunate enough to be drug down there had ever been to the prison or the 'confession room' where enemies of the kingdom were brought to relieve themselves of the burdens of guilt. It was beyond that chamber where Lord Blackthorn spent years building an extension to his underground network, including a laboratory and cells which housed the hideous experiments his goblin scientists were able to conceive.

As the years passed, Lord Blackthorn became more and more obsessed with building the perfect killing machine, be it beast or literal machine in some cases. He spent all of his time deep below the castle, rarely sleeping and hardly eating, growing weak from the lack of nutrition, rest, and sunlight. It was also rumored that he had grown quite mad in his last days, and seemingly disappeared one day, never to be heard from again.

Creatures Included Edit

Blackthorn Juggernaut



Giant Black Widow Spider

Giant Horde Minion

Giant Rat

Goblin Alchemist

Goblin Scout

Greater Poison Elemental


Lich Lord

Minion Prototype


Overseer Prototype


Raging Phoenix

Rotting Corpse


Skeletal Knight

Skeletal Mage


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