Bio-Engineering Tools Edit


The bio-engineering tools used to create evolution (evo) pets are made by Alchemists using glassblowing. You must have the ability to make glassblowing items by purchasing the specialty book from alchemist NPCs. Glassblowing requires sand which can either be mined from sandy locations or by pulverizing granite into sand using the granite furnaces located in Cove and Minoc.

Tool Details Edit

Name Sand Cost Alchemy Skill Required Description and usage
DNA Extractor 5 65.0 Used to extract DNA from corpses. Anyone can sample DNA from creatures they have the right to loot.
DNA Combiner 10 75.0 Used to combine 3-4 DNA samples to craft the evo pet. Success rate depends on Animal Lore skill and requires a minimum level of grandmaster.
Empty DNA Vials 1 55.0 Used to store the DNA sample extracted from dead creatures. Crafting this item will use as many sand possible at once.
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