Barracoon is the Champion of Greed, and leads the Vermin Horde spawn. This spawn is usually considered the easiest champion spawn, and Barracoon himself considered the easiest Champion.

He can be summoned on the west continent of frozen lands in the north of the Lost Lands. The spawn appears near the eastern edge of the landmass.

Spawn Edit


The spawn is as follows:

Level 1 - Giant rats and Slimes

Level 2 - Ratmen and Dire Wolves

Level 3 - Ratman Mages and Hell Hounds

Level 4 - Silver serpents and Ratman Archers

Barracoon the Piper will be summoned when there are 16 red candles on the altar.

Combat Edit

He is a spellcaster, and enjoys turning attackers into Ratmen - which means you turn gray and can no longer ride a mount until the effect wears off. This can be avoided by using the spell Incognito or Polymorph. It is advised to polymorph into a member of the opposite sex.

Barracoon apparently does not have the Evaluating Intelligence skill, so while he casts spells quickly, they lack a lot of punch. He is vulnerable to Repond Slayer weapons and spellbooks. He will polymorph himself into a Ratman randomly, and at these times he can be affected with Vermin Slayer spellbooks and weapons.

Rewards Edit

Barracoon does not drop power scrolls higher than 110 skill.
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