Atlantis is a custom dungeon with several unique creatures and one boss who drops special Atlantis themed items found nowhere else. The entrance is located on Marble Island, beneath one of the buildings that leads to a long network of tunnels. There is a collapsed area of the dungeon, which can be traversed by uttering a secret passphrase.

Lore Edit

No one knows who built the marble structures that reside on Marble Island. Some say they are older than the city of Britain by centuries, and have been abandoned for ages. The Royal Preservation Society has always included it in their mission to maintain the structures for historical purposes, but no one ever uses them these days, and few give them much thought. But one intrepid explorer once did when searching for treasure rumored to have been buried somewhere on the island.

That explorer discovered a cave entrance behind the waterfall underneath the eastern structure. Curious, he decided to explore the cave and see where it led in hopes that the pirates simply stashed the treasure rather than making the effort of burying it somewhere. Alas that decision ended up being fatal for the brave explorer, but not before discovering the expansive network of caverns deep beneath the sea of Britain and the remarkable and dangerous creatures which live within.

Creatures Included Edit

Ancient Sea Serpent

Burrowing Spider

Deep Sea Elemental (Lord)


Sea Hydra

Sea Lion

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