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"If you ever meet Omega the Brave, best not to mention you're trained in Anatomy, he would most likely try to show you things you wouldnt want to know about."

Anatomy can be used in three ways

1: Passively increases the combat damage you deal.

2: Passively adds amount healed to yourself, NPC's, or other players.

3: Actively check the Dexterity and Strength of another player, animal, or monster.

Anatomy Calculations Anatomy and Melee Damage Anatomy Healing Bonus

Defensive Properties when coupled with Evaluate Intelligence. The Evaluate Intelligence and Anatomy skills work together to provide a passive defensive wrestling ability. As it is passive, you do not have a chance to actively hit a player but it does provide a mitigation against incoming melee attacks. This can be used to avoid putting Wrestling on your Template. Formula: ( Evaluating Intelligence + Anatomy + 20 ) / 2 (!!Defensive properties needs confirmation!!)

Training Edit

Best way to train is using the skill actively on a target, or passive train it while raising combat skills.

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